The Future of the Church


As we can see throughout church history we have always had conflicting opinions on what we believe God’s Word is trying to say. We will probably always have differing opinions on the scripture. I mean just think about all the different religions we have around the world! How did we get such different ideas about what is true? People are not all the same and we don’t think the same so someone will always have a different viewpoint to share. For example, the issue over whether or not God was the Trinity. There were many different viewpoints about God. Ebionists believed that Jesus was fully human and not divine, instead they believe he was just empowered by the Spirit of God. This could not be true because if Jesus was was fully human then dying on the cross would have served no purpose.

Another viewpoint is Docetism. This group believed Jesus was divine but not human. If this was so then again Jesus dying on the cross would have served no purpose because he would not feel any of the pain and there was no way Jesus could have been tempted by sin.

There have always been flaws in the church and the more you study church history the more you learn about all the disagreements that people had.

The two things that I think the church of the future will look back on and say “I can’t believe they thought that” is same sex marriage and abortion. Now I am not sure which way it will turn to, but as of now we are having trouble deciding if it is okay or not. In the future it could just get to a point where it is normal to have same sex marriage and abortions, or we could shut these ideas down and in the future they will be amazed that anyone had abortions or married the same sex. Either way the people in the church of the future will wonder how we ever thought that was a controversial topic and yet today we are not sure what to think.

Right now in the church Pastors seem to get sucked into a lull. They are just going through the motions. I have heard a few sermons on the same topic, and it seems like around the Holidays it is always the same message with no change in the way it is presented. I think Pastors will get better at presenting to the people in the future because we are always changing so Pastors will have to change the way they speak to the people because of this. They need to adjust to the people around them so I feel like this will get better.

Problems in the Church today

I believe another problem in the church that will be fixed is Pastors. Nowadays I feel like it is to easy to become a pastor and people take it and run with it. I believe that in the future we will have stricter rules so that not everyone will decide to become pastors, but only the ones who really want to and are ready to put a lot of work into it. Then we will know that they are fully dedicated to sharing the truth about God’s Word.

I think that the church 50 years from now will struggle with wether or not to accept people in their church who are there to stir up trouble or have  been in trouble before with other churches. Every church is different and have different viewpoints on this subject. It is a very hard decision. This is because if we do not accept non Christians in the church then we will not be able to spread Gods Word to them. Also if they are only there to cause problems and we don’t accept them then we are going against the Christian belief that God accepts everyone and that He also gives people second chances. If we do accept them into the Church they may just take it as an opportunity to cause problems from within the church and people might start leaving because of it. As you can see it is a very controversial topic and people will always disagree with each other about it.

Controversial topics in the Church today

Another problem in the church is we are becoming more isolated from others instead of reaching out. We are separating ourselves from the world around us so much that we are becoming blind to the outside world. This is a problem in the church because we need to be accepting even to non believers and show them the Word of God. So many times we push non believers away so that we are not ‘corrupted’, but really what we should be ding is drawing them near and helping them. Individuals may feel like we should be helping others but as a church and as Christians in general we are pushing them away and shutting the doors to keep ourselves safe from sin.

I feel like this will be a problem 50 years from now as well as a problem that we are facing today. This is because that is the direction we are headed right now. We are quickly getting more isolated from everything else and blocking people out who we believe will corrupt the younger generation, at least trying to. We also have multiple separated Christian schools from the schools for the general public.

The last problem I will talk about in the church that I believe won’t be fixed is racism. Now you would think being followers of God, who loves everyone equally, we would try and do the same. This is not so. People have always seemed to be racist, they still are today, and I don;t think we will ever get rid of it because people are very judgmental. Why else would we be so worried about giving off a good impression to others? This is something that people will never get rid of.

People sin. Thats a fact. We will never be perfect no matter how hard we try we will always have flaws, so there will always be flaws in the church.

Problems in the Church

Problems in the church


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